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Introducing pure organic natural oils, lotions and creams for all of your skin care needs. Marie d'Argan products are formulated in France using organic Argan oil that is cold-pressed through a micro-filtration process—this means that each bottle is the purest it can be. Not only does Argan oil moisturize and protect your skin, but it is fights against aging and provides a youthful, healthy glow to every skin type! The ingredients of each product are all-natural and highly beneficial for the skin, and have healing and moisturizing properties.

A portion of the proceeds from all Marie d'Argan products containing Argan oil funds a woman's cooperative in Essaouira, Morocco that hand picks the Argan kernels used in the products. Marie d’Argan supports the women’s cooperative because of its mission to empower the women of Essaouira, give them meaningful and fulfilling work, and promote independence. Thus, our Argan oil—and all of our products—are “ethical”, meaning that they are produced with respect for the environment, by willing workers who are all treated ethically and respectfully, and make a sustainable living in the process.